The Cetureon, an independent digital media company, has stood for authoritative information and commentary. We at The Cetureon [cetureon.com] aims to provide the best quality stories that matter to “more” people or potential regular readers and to give them an easy reading experience without losing any significant information. From entertainment, sports, current events, technology, politics and regional news as well as real-time news, our awesome and knowledgeable team at Cetureon will deliver the best articles and news that are not only shareable, but also worth reading.

We’ll also try to be more neutral (most especially in politics) and in sensitive issues, though we cannot promise a thorough real-time coverage of a current event, mainly because we’ll try to avoid articles that are not our “forte.”

Here at The Cetureon, we believe that popular news matter to more people, but apart from just delivering news articles, the content should also be delivered in a more “interesting” and not boring way. We are working with Global Media Partners, and will assist and serve to reduce the gap between the east and the west. We are considering to expand our reach to Asia as well as in European and American markets.

With rapid reporting and user-friendly formats, The Cetureon provides timely coverage of breaking news, sports, entertainment, television, consumer electronics, gaming and social media trends.


Editorial Staff

Edison Liwanag | Editor-in-Chief | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

With him at the helm, The Cetureon continues to head in the right direction of providing high quality and unbiased news information. Not only is he an EIC and collaborates on many stories here at The Cetureon, but he also does artwork and handles the running of the website on a daily basis. The team are not sure what we would do without him, especially on those days when we have a great scoop and our servers can’t handle the influx of traffic.

Michael Adamson | Managing Editor | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Managing Editor and Geek in Shining Armor. Mike is a tech journalist and publisher. When Mike’s not writing or following the NBA news and rumors from his couch, he’s busy playing a video game.

Zoe Marquez | Chief Content Officer | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Ash has done creative work for various local companies, and the Hong Kong MTR. Ash is also the co-creator of fashion and design label Manggas & Maong PH. When Ash’s not working, you’ll find her on Snapchat and Instagram.

Senior Contributors

Vivien Laurel | Sports | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Vien is as multimedia producer and an experienced video director, editor and motion graphics designer. he is also big into gaming, volleyball, comic books, and all those nerdy stuff.

Lian Mendoza | Entertainment & Celebrities | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Lian is the lady of the hour at the Cetureon HQ, as she provide the latest news happening in the Philippine showbiz industry. It’s always interesting to read about the crazy gossips we have here in the country that just don’t get as much publicity as they warrant.

Remar Dungca | Breaking News | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Remar is looking for something new to learn. He looks at the Internet as one huge playground. He manage all the breaking news and headlines before being publish to The Cetureon.

Christian Tanglao | National & International Current Events | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

Christian or simply Tan, the cosplayer in the team. He spends the day sifting through press releases from all the major brand’s PR agencies. From the most ridiculous announcements to those you really want to know more about. He makes it a point to skim through as many daily as possible so you won’t have to.

Mark Julius Mamucod | Technology and Automotive | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

MJ or Markus, is one of the well known DJs in Baguio City. Jumping between Philippines and Singapore (and we’re pretty sure he had a Mazda 3 in there somewhere), MJ provide in-depth electronics reviews. He also handle the work load in automitive section.

Ronald Benitez | Business and Finance | Email | Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

The latest addition to the Cetureon team, Ronald, the marketing student at the De La Salle University. He will continue to take up Bachelor of Laws after he graduated Bachelor of Science in Marketing in DLSU. He will give us the latest insights on the business sectors here in the country. He is also our insider reporter from house of congress and upper house. A true legit basketball fan, he also writes the latest news in PBA as well as in Philippine collegiate athletic associations NCAA and UAAP.


John Hilton | Social Trends | Email | Twitter

Julie Anne Torres | Politics | Email | Twitter

Reggie Cruz | Gaming, Tech & Toys | Email | Twitter

Michael Sanchez | Tech & Shopping | Email | Twitter

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